Thursday, December 09, 2004

clouds in the sky

This is my first blog. I guess people are supposed to spill their guts in such
a place, describe every day of their lives, confess their initimate complexes, problems, worries, joys... Well that's why I named my blog tzatziki. Tzatziki is a yogurt based sauce with cucumber jiuce, or crumbs, depedning on the texture preference, and a very interesting salty, sour, garlic flavor enahnced by dill and perfected to a smooth texture with some extra virgin olive oil. Exactly the oil has to be extra virgin to make
the tzatziki perfect. So that's how my days taste. Like tzatziki, no sweet taste but once you've tasted tzaatziki either by itself with homemade fresh bread, or accompanying some deliciously marinated grilled lamb, you cannot get enough of it. Light, yet nutritious it can be a complete
meal on its own... Well... for that sugar rush you will have to look somewhere else. But sugar
taste is not a taste to keep anyways, yes it temprarily feels good but it leaves you with the sense that there is something missing... and soon it will give you a retching feeling. Therefore I hope you try my tzatziki, I know I make the best have it either as appetizer, accompany your main dish as a spread, or even have it as a main dish. I promise to produce lots of it and make it
worth tasting... I'm sure you will ask me for more.